Transfer from Sofia airport to Bansko

In order to fully enjoy your winter vacation, you need not only heavy snow and white runs. Transportation is also important. We offer you a convenient transfer from Sofia to Bansko and we guarantee fast and safe transportation. If you need a taxi or bus on the Sofia – Bansko line, we are again the perfect option. We will take care of the complete organization of your transport and will give you the maximum pleasure of a fast, safe and emotional journey.

Sofia to Bansko bus shuttle

We are ready to take our clients from any point of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, whether it is an airport, a railway station, a bus station or any address specified by the client. Accuracy is our priority. An educated and attentive driver who speaks English will welcome you with a smile and will do his best for your comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Friendly attitude and positivism are the main criteria we respect when communicating with our clients. This gives us the confidence to say that we can guarantee you a pleasant experience throughout the transfer from Sofia airport to Bansko.

We comply with all legal requirements that are related to the carriage of passengers and we follow the perfectly high standards set by national and European legislation in this respect.

For every individual taxi transfer we provide comfortable shuttle bus that can satisfy even the highest customer requirements. They are equipped with air conditioning, free internet, child seats for children of all ages, a wide luggage compartment where the ski equipment can be assembled. The places for travel are insured, and the air in the cars is fresh and clean, with no smoke. These are just some of our benefits.

In addition, you will enjoy pleasant music and enjoy the wonderful views that are revealed during the transfers. You can rely on a us at any time of day from a place of departure you specify. This way you will have the opportunity to spend your time in a convenient way for you and enjoy the long-awaited snow skiing vacation.

Our comfortable buses, run by professional and experienced drivers, are a safe advantage. We offer you a competitive price starting from 75 EUR for a comfortable transfer from Sofia to Bansko, with the start and end point indicated by you, with no hidden fees and conditions. The way of payment is extremely easy and is tailored to the individual convenience of each client.

A great advantage and convenience for you is the way you can book a Sofia to Bansko transfer at any time. This can be done online with just a few clicks. In our site you will find an easy and convenient way to order. It is necessary to select the destination you want, enter the necessary data and send the reservation. We will endeavor to get confirmation within the shortest possible time.

The route of the Sofia Bansko transfers is very interesting. The distance is approximately 155-160 km and usually takes about two hours. Most of the itinerary runs along a highway with excellent quality, providing a fast, comfortable and safe journey. The last part is a second-class road linking the resort with the Struma motorway. It is of excellent quality and is maintained in perfect condition during the snowy months of the year. The best thing is that you can enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, see some of the highest peaks in Southeastern Europe and travel in places surrounded by dense forests and beautiful valleys. This will make your journey pleasant and emotional, and the two hours will go unnoticed.

The Sofia to Bansko transfer is made with modern bus. So we provide you not only comfort, but security and faultless access to one of the most popular winter resorts in Europe.

The resort combines all the elements that are necessary for the development of ski tourism and guarantees strong emotions and pleasant experiences. It is no coincidence that over the last decade the city is a favorite ski destination for white sport friends from all over Europe.

With our help you will be able to enjoy the wonderful tracks, the fresh air and the unique spruce forests in the Bansko area, to taste its specialties and to meet with many smiling and interesting people.

The bus ride and the duration of the transfer are optimized. You will get a quick and convenient service with just one stop. Of course, during the trip we can stop at any time at a place you choose for warm tea, coffee or simply for a breath of fresh air or a photograph of a breathtaking landscape. With us you will enjoy the pleasant transfers from Sofia airport to Bansko, Bulgaria.

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Quick Booking


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